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The lovers of soft swing, fine ballads and standards from the Great American Songbook repertoire have had to wait a long time, but finally, by the end of November a new Eddy Doorenbos album will be released. In a long, successful career this is his first solo album. He accompanies himself on the piano, thus creating a very intimate atmosphere. The title "What A Kick To Sing!" is also the life motto of this singer, who has been an entertainer for 55 years now  both to the great pleasure of his audience and himself!

Still each day Doorenbos gets a kick out of singing. The fact that the music keeps him young is quite obvious. Looking at him, it is hard to believe that he will turn eighty next year. His voice definitely has not declined in whatever way. Rather it has gained warmth and fullness. Eddy Doorenbos acquired great fame as a vocalist with Ab de Molenaar's legendary Miller Sextet, to which he was committed from 1947 till 1961. There were many radio performances and long engagements in Holland as well as extensive tours abroad (US Forces in Belgium, France and Germany; Indonesia; Sweden and Denmark). In 1957 he was awarded the title of Best Male Vocalist of The Netherlands. In the sixties this type of music was no longer appreciated, so Doorenbos packed his bags and left for Spain, where he stayed for twenty years. He enjoyed the sunny climate and found out that he had yet another artistic gift: he started to paint.

His work was discovered by the jet set in Marbella and he sold paintings to a.o. Gina Lollobridgida, Anita Ekberg and Sean Connery. In 1984 he returned to his home country. Doorenbos always remained faithful to music. The past fifteen years he has performed with his own quartet "The Swingmill" and there were radiobroadcasts with The Skymasters, as well as gigs with a great variety of other bands and ensembles. Doorenbos can be heard on all Millers albums. Since 1989 he has recorded three albums with his own ensemble and one in Dutch together with Joke Bruijs. In 1996, he made a rap version of his big Millers hit "Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette", combined with a video clip that was shown frequently on TMF.

On "What A Kick To Sing!"Doorenbos can be heard just like he has been performing since 1997, ten month a year, five nights a week in the Boomerang Bar of the Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel. His international repertoire is greatly appreciated by the hotel guests, who welcome his entertainment after a long busy day of meetings, conferences, seminars etc.. Doorenbos makes them relax very nicely with his music, that has now been recorded on this CD. The only thing missing is the buzzing crowd, the jingling of glasses and the applause.

In addition to a large number of American standards, the album also contains a French song ("Je Reviens"; French lyrics by Micky Doorenbos to "Sing A Rainbow") and a Spanish song ("Todo Pasara", meaning "Ëverything Passes"). Being an old time favorite of the audience, his big Millers hit "What's The Use Of Getting Sober" was an absolute must. Furthermore, there are two compositions by the singer himself: "Many Times"and the title song of the album. In memory of Ann Burton, whom he was very fond of, he wrote new lyrics to the song "When I Grow Too Old To Dream", which resulted in the beautiful "Tribute to Ann Burton". Halfway through this silver disc (quote Willem Duys) the listener is surprised by a duet "How Do You Like Your Eggs In The Morning", that Eddy sings together with Katelijne van Otterloo (the newly wedded wife of Bas van Otterloo).

As a friend (since 1990) and fan (since the fifties) of Eddy Doorenbos I have been present at all recording sessions of this CD and I can assure you that those were three wonderful, relaxed afternoons, with a lot of music, anecdotes, gossip, laughter, accompanied by a fine bottle of wine. I am convinced that the result of these three afternoons will bring you extensive listening pleasure.

A very pleasant atmosphere of the Fieldwork Studios, run by Roeland Jacobs and Bas van Otterloo, who made this production possible, contributed a great deal to this fine result. As for me: I experienced a great kick in attending the birth of "What A Kick To Sing!". To Eddy, Roeland and Bas I say: "keep swinging" in the years to come. And of course the same applies to you as a listener.

Amsterdam, November 2000

Hans Frijling